About ‘MALS’

Masters of Air, Land & Sea Ltd (MALS) est.1998

The concept of MALS was established in 1998, when Ian and a small group of extreme sports enthusiasts identified the need to be represented by a company dedicated to the amateur, high-performing enthusiast.

‘High-Performance’ became the underlying ethos of MALS, with its aim to create an environment for excellence, whether in your ‘day job’, your recreation, your sport, your home-life, family-life…etc.

The MALS story evolved to the physical and mental training of ‘amateur athletes’ which is where MALS Fitness was born. MALS Fitness became a vehicle used to research, develop & share cutting edge health & fitness knowledge in pursuit of excellence.

MALS exists to help YOU.

MALS Today:
Today, MALS Fitness inspires, educates & motivates like-minded, super busy parents. If you work full time, have a busy family life and still have the desire to be in peak physical condition, then MALS is for you!  MALS Fitness has proven time and time again, that through efficient use of time for workouts, clean living and optimised nutrition IT IS POSSIBLE TO HAVE IT ALL!

YOU can be that RIPPED DAD, or that SUPER HOT MUM!

Join us and become a “Master of Air, Land and Sea’!

About Ian

Ian is the founder and master trainer at MALSfitness.

He has worked as a consultant trainer & nutritionist for clients worldwide from governmental organisations (including Military) to multi-national businesses. He specialises in one-on-one personal training where he can provide a holistic approach to a vibrant, healthy lifestyle.

Personal: Ian is from Devon, UK. He is a family man, being married with two children. After University Ian joined the Royal Air Force where he became a jet fighter pilot and flying instructor.

Fitness: Ian has had a lifelong passion for fitness and prides himself on constantly maintaining an elite level of overall fitness. His clean and natural approach to holistic health and fitness has resulted in a vast range of specialisations, including; fat-loss, nutrition, supplementation, bodybuilding, high performance, and working with specific population cohorts. Ian is particularly passionate about realising fitness potential in like-minded parents (both Mums and Dads) and is particularly specialised in Pre and Post-Natal fitness.
Uniquely, Ian also specialises in mental coaching, which he uses to enable clients to achieve their individual goals and he seamlessly adapts his style to specific personality types.

Ian is a fully Registered & Insured member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs Membership Number R0094854).

Flying: Ian is a Military fighter pilot and also a civilian Commercial pilot and a flying instructor.

REPs Member

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